Caroline L

Caroline L is specializedon dress designing and has worked with the most famous companies over the world. It was then used his knowledge and skills to create their own range and therefore the brand FRANCE PARIS ATTITUDE was born.



Our design department is able to create the shapes of bottles and caps but specially the bottle and carton designs in order to get them unique in the markets. Once again "Caroline L" works very quickly in order to keep a good place in the market.


Our perfumer is connected with the international classification of best sellers and works with the most attractive notes in a very quick time.


The best creations are not attractive if the last step which is production is not well realized, it's why "caroline L" has decided to have her own production factory which allows a better quality in good time.


Perfumes are a dream which we must make available to everybody, which is why we design them, produce them and distribute them with a constant watchful eye on quality and price.